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Auction Listing Service

Turn your surplus merchandise into $$CASH$$ with Sunshine.

Auction ListingWhat can you do with your good, used items? You could spend time trying to sell it in a garage sale for pennies on the dollar. Or you could spend more money and time with a newspaper classified, waiting for the telephone to ring. Then you can wait for people to show up and take the first offer you get, just so you can go on to more important things.

WHY not save yourself all that time, money and frustration. Bring Sunshine that unwanted item, and let the experts turn it into cash by listing it on eBay, the world’s largest marketplace. Who better to find that buyer in Maine or California , than the professionals in the packing and shipping business.

What sells best on eBay?
The following are the best selling on eBay:

  • Consumer Electronics and Computers
  • Auction
  • Designer Clothing and Accessories
  • Music and Sports Memorabilia
  • Toys and Collectibles
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Art, Signed and with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Cameras & Photography Equipment
  • Business & Industrial Machinery

In the time it takes to plan a garage sale or run an ad, you could have a $$CHECK$$ and not the hassle.

Here is how we do it!
  1. Do research to show you what similar items have sold in the past.
  2. Take high-quality digital photos of the item.
  3. Professionally write an accurate description of the item.
  4. Post the listing and launch the auction.
  5. Answer questions from anyone inquiring about any details.
  6. Collect payment from the winning bidder.
  7. Professionally pack and ship the item to the buyer.
  8. And send you a check. It really is that easy.

Why use Sunshine?
Your time is valuable, and learning to list and sell on eBay is complicated. So leave it to those who are experienced in preparing professional listings, which bring you the highest price.

Since eBay listings are seen worldwide, who better to use than the professional in the packing and shipping industry. While our competitors may take items up to 50 lbs, we have the technology to package, crate and ship any size item anywhere in the world.

Simply come into one of our locations and one of our eBay Specialists will be happy to assist you.

Is Your Item Sellable?
AuctionThe first step in researching an item to see if any like items have been sold on eBay is to go to the Search: Find Items page on the eBay site.

To access page, click:

We accept items with an anticipated minimum auction price of $100 or more.

Service and Fee Schedule*
All services have a non-refundable minimum service fee, which is refunded or deducted from the commissions once the item sells.
Basic Auction Listing Service: $10.00
If your item is popular and will sell quickly, we recommend using our Basic program. This service includes a 7 day listing with a $19.99 opening bid and no reserve price.
Basic Plus Listing Service: $20.00
If your item is more valuable, we recommend using our Basic Plus program.
This service includes a 10 day listing with a $19.99 opening bid and no reserve price.
Reserve Auction Listing Service: $25.00
+ Plus eBay Reserve Price Auction Fees.
If you have a very unique or very valuable item, we recommend our Reserve Auction program. This service includes a 10 day listing with a Reserve price, the pre-established minimum price for the item that you will accept, so you can net at least a predetermined amount. In addition, your listing will be in bold.
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Commission Due On Sale* :

The commissions for services provided are derived from a calculation table taking into account the time involved in performing the listing service (taking photos, writing descriptions, posting the auction, answering inquiries, collecting the fees and remitting the payment). The following tables represent the Net Due Seller, after suggested commissions, listing fees and transaction costs are deducted from the Closing Value. Actual amounts charges may vary by location.

1. Commissions due Sunshine based on final closing value.

Closing Value

Final Value Commission

$50 - $200

35% of the first $200

$201 - $501

30% of the next $300

$501 - $1,000

25% of the next $500.00

Over $1,001

20% of the amount over $1,001


Paid Minimum Commission is deducted after sale.

2. Listing fees due eBay.

Closing Value

Final Value Fee

$0 - $25

5.25% of the closing value

$25 - $1,000

5.25% of the initial $25 ($1.31),
plus 2.75% of the remaining closing value balance
($25.01 to $1,000)

Over $1,000

5.25% of the initial $25 ($1.31),
plus 2.75% of the initial $25 - $1000 ($26.81),
plus 1.50% of the remaining closing value balance
($1000.01 - closing value)

3. Transaction costs of 2.9% due on closing value on Pay Pal or credit card payments.

To simplify, please view the following approximations:

Closing Value

Your Check











* Call for Details

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Ebay Auction Services Found At:

In Sarasota
6210 Lockwood Ridge Rd
Sarasota, FL 34243
P: (941) 355-8505

* Each store is independently owned and operated.

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Trading Assistants can sell items on eBay for others. Trading Assistants operate independently as eBay sellers, and are not employees, agents or partners of eBay. Trading Assistants are responsible for complying with all eBay policies, and must meet specific requirements to be listed in the Trading Assistants Directory.

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